Surendra K. Singh, Ph.D.

Senior Chemical Process Safety Consultant

Dr. Singh’s experience in thermal sciences includes evaluation of the stability of chemicals and their fire and explosion hazard potential using various instrumental techniques, including calorimetric, minimum ignition energy (MIE) apparatus, 20-liter sphere for dust and gas explosion (KSt value), BAM oven for flammability and blasting cap testing for shock sensitivity.  

Dr. Singh has been involved in incident investigations where self heating resulted in thermal runaway or catastrophe. His experience includes determining the origin and cause of thermal runaway reactions and/or explosions. Dr. Singh’s technical work in battery technology includes failure analysis (cell level), internal short, safety evaluation of battery and battery components, evaluation of battery/battery components for electrochemical performance, aging (cycle life/calendar life/gassing) and for various applications (portable power, power tool, hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

Prior to joining ioMosaic, Dr. Singh was a senior scientist within the materials and mechanics group at Exponent, Inc., a senior technologist in the battery group at TIAX, LLC and a consultant in the process safety and risk management division at Arthur D. Little, Inc.


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
Ph.D. Center for Energy Studies

Kanpur University, India 
M.S. Chemistry

Lucknow University, India 
B.S. Chemistry, Zoology, Botany