Hazards 29 Conference

Hazards 29 Conference

Address: Broad St.
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This event will cover every major aspect of process safety and bring together hundreds of practitioners from around the globe. It is the perfect place to learn from others' experiences, keep up-to-date with good process safety practice, and network with the international process safety community.

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Using Risk Assessment to Support Investment Decision-Making

Thursday May 23, 2019 12:25pm – 12:50pm

This paper concerns the management of onshore transmission oil and gas pipelines and the choices that operators must make for investment decision-making, particularly concerning the environmental consequences of incidents where there is a loss of containment (LOC) event from the pipeline (i.e. a leak or rupture). Compared to road and rail, pipelines are widely regarded as the safest mode of transport of hazardous fluids over long distances between facilities, although failures, when they do occur, can be serious. Safety-related regulations are generally considered to be more comprehensive and prescriptive than their environmental counterpart and are included in the full range of compliance and risk-based approaches. The highly location specific nature of environmental impacts makes it harder to have the same assurances from environmental compliance and does little to protect the operator against the incurred costs of clean-up after LOC events have occurred. Advances in environmental quantitative risk assessment can provide location-specific estimates of the financial costs of remediation, and so the challenge for the operator is in deciding risk equivalence to balance expenditure on pipeline inspection and maintenance that may mitigate environmental risks, versus expenditure for other purposes such as safety improvements. This paper shows one possible approach for comparing risks based on equivalent values to aid decision-making.

Robust Emergency Planning and Response: Weaknesses and Key Lessons Poster

One of the key elements in any effective process safety management (PSM) program is the Emergency Preparedness plans and procedures. However, poor or inadequate emergency planning or response has been a recurring finding in the Process Industry. Establishment of a sound emergency response plan is vital in safeguarding not only employees and the community, but also in minimizing facility damage and environmental releases. This paper analyses data from PSM audits conducted by ioMosaic between 2010 and 2016 to understand whether there is any system weakness in emergency planning, and suggests actions that could be taken by industry to improve this important aspect of PSM.

John Barker, Ph.D., Partner, ioMosaic
John Cronin, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, ioMosaic
Gemma Dunjó, Ph.D., Manager of Environmental Services, ioMosaic

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