2020 Latin American Virtual Conference on Process Safety

2020 Latin American Process Safety Conference on Process Safety

This conference, co-organized by the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP), is part of CCPS' worldwide effort to prevent major accidents through promoting lifelong learning as well as continuous improvement in process safety. Register online now and enjoy presentations on process safety management, human factors, stakeholder functions, and remote PSM.

Our Presentation

October 28, 2020 @ 3:50 PM CST
Conducting Process Safety Work Using Remote Technology

Presented by Gemma Dunjó, Ph.D.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, all the OSHA PSM Standard requirements remain in effect without any waivers. However, OSHA is exercising temporary enforcement discretion on the compliance of some requirements as well as assessing the employer’s good faith compliance efforts (e.g. recurring audits, training, or assessments) during an inspection.

Both PHAs and particularly PSM compliance audits have been traditionally conducted in-person. However, the ongoing health emergency and the resulting travel restrictions, are largely preventing this face-to-face option. Thus, many facilities which are currently facing challenges due to the global disruption and threats on process safety resources (materials, funds, contractors, employees, consultants, equipment, etc.), are exploring the remote work alternative.

This paper aims at providing insights for successfully and effectively conducting PSM compliance audits and PHAs using remote technology. These insights are based on the experience and skills of an in-house team of PSM professionals and are especially relevant during the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as during any other similar crises.

A summary of the necessary tools, ground rules and guidelines to conduct PHAs and compliance audits remotely is presented, with emphasis on the importance of a proper planning and preparation work prior to the start of the study, as well as on the continuous engagement of the participants. The overall objective is to achieve the same results as if the work was conducted in person.

The option of conducting process safety work remotely will help facilities to comply timely with process safety regulations requirements.

Our Presenters

  • Gemma Dunjó

    Director, PSM Practice Lead

    Expertise in environmental auditing, HSE regulatory compliance, environmental modelling, environmental impact reports (EIR) and safety and risk management. Read more...


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