Vessel Hydrodynamics and the Coupling Equation Webinar

Vessel Hydrodynamics and the Coupling Equation Webinar


Learn about the coupling equation, DIERS' most influential contribution to process safety. This equation is used to determine the onset/disengagement of two-phase flow during pressure relief and/or vessel depressuring. In this 60-minute webinar, the essential principals of fluid dynamics will be discussed. The steps involved in implementing the DIERS coupling equation solution are also presented. You will gain a better understanding of the disengagement of two-phase flow during pressure relief and/or vessel depressuring and learn how to adequately calculate and protect your facility’s relief systems.


  • Historical background
  • Coupling equation in pressure relief system design
  • Step by step guide for solving the coupling equation
  • Coupling equation wall heating options
  • Examples in SuperChems™ for DIERS

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These webinars are designed for chemical engineers involved in pressure relief and flare system design, chemical reactions, and those safety-related professionals interested in advancing their knowledge on process safety and risk assessment.

DIERS Technology Fundamentals Webinar Series

This 4-part webinar series is prepared as a foundational resource on DIERS technology and how it can be applied to your emergency relief systems. An examination of how these approaches have evolved as well as the latest methodologies will be discussed and provided. Each one-hour session is devoted to a principle or approach on emergency relief systems (ERS) design regarding chemical reactivity or depressurization. Practical examples, case studies, and white paper resources will enrich your learning experience. Discover how DIERS technology can help your facility comply with Process Safety Information (PSI) requirements with methodology and tools that improve accuracy and efficiency.


The Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems (DIERS) was formed in 1976 as a consortium of 29 companies to develop methods for the design of emergency relief systems to handle runaway reactions. Read more...

Our Presenters

  • Georges Melhem

    President & CEO

    The founder of ioMosaic and internationally renowned expert in the areas of pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reaction systems, process safety and risk analysis. Read more...

Fees: $99
Type: Webinar
Language: English
Skill Level: Intermediate
Contact: Kristi Marak or Lisa Ruth


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