17th Global Congress on Process Safety

17th Global Congress on Process Safety

Join ioMosaic virtually at the 17th Global Congress on Process Safety on April 18-23, 2021 presented by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS®) and the AIChE® Safety & Health Division. This is the world's largest virtual gathering of process safety experts, covering the critical needs of process safety practitioners more broadly and deeply than any other conference.

Conference Highlights

The AIChE virtual conference is the year’s key technical conference for practicing chemical engineers. A wide range of subjects relevant to the current needs of industry is covered, including:

Big Data Analytics
Upstream Engineering and Flow Assurance
Gas Utilization
Refinery Processing
Sustainable Engineering
Process Intensification
Artificial Intelligence
Cybersecurity and more...

Presentation on Pressure Relief System Force Balance

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 @ 3:00 PM CT

Inlet pressure drop is an important factor, since it is considered that excessive inlet pressure drop will affect pressure relief valve performance, and potentially result in chatter which may damage the valve and piping. In situations where inlet pressure drop exceeds 3% of set pressure for spring loaded pressure relief valves, previous editions of API Standard 520 Part 2 have allowed for an "engineering analysis" to be conducted for these systems, however the content of the engineering analysis has never been well defined. Neil Prophet presents Pressure Relief System Force Balance Assessment – a Review of Its Effectiveness, an overview of the force balance assessment in a step-by-step manner.

Presentation on Asset Integrity Systems

Thursday, April 22, 2021 @ 1:30 PM CT

Does your Asset Integrity system adequately identify the vulnerabilities of check valves? One of the challenges facing companies in the implementation of an Asset Integrity System is drawing the system boundaries. Often, smaller critical items, such as check valves and other piping specialties, are not included. The large number of these items that often exist in a processing unit can make identification of the critical items difficult. However, failure to test/inspect such items has resulted in major incidents. Pamela Nelson, CCPSC, presents Nothing Lasts Forever: Items Missing from Your Preventative Maintenance System with guidance for you on an effective Asset Integrity system.

Our Presenters

  • Neil Prophet

    Senior Vice President and Partner

    Pressure relief and flare systems design project management and engineering expertise for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies. Read more...

  • Pamela Nelson

    PSM Consultant

    She leads process safety projects for business units across the U.S., Canada, Thailand, China, and the U.K. Read more...


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Top instructors with extensive global, industry, technical and litigation experience. You will receive clear, practical and real world recommendations on how to get and stay compliant with local and worldwide regulations.