Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity

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Learn about how to set up a mechanical integrity (MI) program. An MI program is essential for your facility to prevent failures and accidental releases.

This learning module defines MI as per the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and California Code of Regulations (CCR). It also displays its criticality as one of the 14 elements of the OSHA PSM standard, as well as a pillar of the risk management foundation in the risk-based process safety management system.

The learning module covers the systems MI applies to, such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage tanks, piping systems, relief and vent systems, emergency shutdown systems, instrumentation and controls, and rotating equipment. The systems’ equipment lists are discussed in detail along with their respective inspection types, specifications, and frequencies required to maintain an efficient MI program.

The necessary elements of a good MI program are included to help guide your facility in producing and maintaining an effective program. The steps consist of establishing written procedures, training employees and contractors, performing inspections and test.

As a part of the maintenance program, it is important to establish a critical equipment selection basis and identify critical equipment and instrumentation. The learning module covers the selection and identification basis.  

There are procedures required for conducting MI, such as MI program procedures, administrative procedures, quality assurance procedures, maintenance procedures and inspection, testing, and preventative maintenance (ITPM) procedures. These procedures and their respective required information are covered in this presentation to ensure your facility can establish a thorough MI program.

This learning module concludes with important MI implementation tips and a CSB example of the consequences of failing to implement an MI program.

Who Should Attend

This module is ideal for anyone responsible for mechanical integrity compliance within OSHA and EPA regulations, and those who need to know regulations for design, inspection and construction in accordance with generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEPs).

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Contact: Lisa Ruth
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