Refinery Hazards Fundamentals

Refinery Hazards Fundamentals

Type: Online Course
Language: English
Skill Level: Beginner
PDHs: 2
CEUs: 0.2
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This course in fundamentals is designed to help process safety professionals understand the principle process safety concerns within refineries, petrochemical plants, and other chemical facilities through the identification of hazard types and their potential risk and consequences. As a fundamental course, it covers oil refinery hazard identification, evaluation, and risk assessment methods to provide the learner with an enhanced understanding of the concepts of risk.

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Hazard identification is focused on chemical and physical refinery hazards. An introduction to the various consequences of unidentified or uncontrolled hazards is also provided, including how to quantify and evaluate risk, to demonstrate how methodology like consequence analysis and modeling, and quantitative risk assessment (QRA) can lead to better decision making.

Concepts and principles are put into practice using an interactive scenario exercise to wrap up the course. While many refinery hazards or oil & gas safety courses focus on hazards identification and safe work practice implementation, this course stands out by helping the learner understand the basics to more effectively mitigate and manage refinery risks.


  • Chemical Hazards
  • Physical Hazards
  • Introduction to Consequence Analysis I
  • Introduction to Consequence Analysis II
  • Introduction to Consequence Analysis III
  • Introduction to Consequence Analysis IV
  • Introduction to QRA I
  • Introduction to QRA II

Who Should Attend

Ideally suited for anyone working in refineries or chemical facilities involved in operations and safety and risk management.

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