SuperChems for a Safe Relief of a Runaway Reaction

SuperChems for a Safe Relief of a Runaway Reaction

Type: Online Module
Language: English
Skill Level: Beginner
PDHs: 0.6
CEUs: 0.06
Fees: 199
Contact: Lisa Ruth


Telephone: 713.490.5220

This learning module demonstrates how to use SuperChems, a component of Process Safety Office®, to ensure safe relief in the event of a runaway reaction. An incident as reported by the CSB that occurred at T2 Laboratories in December 2007 serves as the basis for the SuperChems demonstration.

SuperChems is able to define the scenario parameters, including the vessel, mixture, reaction, piping layout, and relief device in order to evaluate events such as this runaway reaction.

In this example, the scenario parameters of a Di-tetra-butyl peroxide (DTBP) decomposition reaction are defined and the relief device’s capabilities for relief are compared at different set pressures (100 psig and 20 psig) and modes of relief (2-phase and vapor). Data sets are generated for all runs of the model in table format. Tools are available to view multiple data sets, which include pressure vs. time, temperature vs. time, and mass flow rate vs. time.

This learning module shows how SuperChems is able to assist in properly designing relief valves and mitigate catastrophic events.

Who Should Attend

This module will benefit SuperChems users at all levels. Process industry professionals responsible for performing pressure relief and flare system design will greatly benefit.

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Contact: Lisa Ruth
Tel: 713.490.5220


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