5 Things to Get Excited About In the New SuperChems™ v.10.0

5 Things to Get Excited About In the New SuperChems™ v.10.0


X marks the spot! Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ X  is our newest release coming this fall, filled with compelling advancements. Here’s what to look forward to:

  1. Streamlined graphical interface that is both interactive and responsive, leveraging the latest technology
  2. Complete pressure relief and flare system (PRFS) and consequence analysis capabilities, fully integrating with the SuperChems™ backend engine
  3. Enhanced and optimized software engine, improving its speed and accuracy
  4. Upgraded help structure, incorporating the National Board Pressure Relief Device Certification NB-18 and common vendor PRV data
  5. Integrated reporting functionality, with streamlined reports and enhanced readability








Don't Have SuperChems™?

This versatile software tool provides an integrated platform for pressure relief and flare systems (PRFS) evaluation and design. SuperChems™ overcomes the shortcomings of alternative simple relief design techniques leading to over-design, or worse yet, under-design.

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