Relief Header and Flare Analysis Systems

OSHA requires employers to have proper and current documentation for relief and flare systems. If you recently had process expansions or modifications, your relief system design documentation may not be up to date. Under API-521 and OSHA standards, documentation requirements are becoming more stringent and are resulting in costly fines. Relief and flare systems are affected by processing modification, expansion, debottlenecking and other changes, and documentation must be updated accordingly.

ioMosaic knows that appropriately designed and documented relief systems not only avoid citations, but make good business sense by saving both money and time.

We apply proven methodologies enhanced through decades of experience working with refineries and chemical plants. Our professionals deliver properly designed pressure relief systems that save your operating equipment in the event of an emergency, avoiding both capital spending to replace damaged equipment and costly downtime.

ioMosaic ERS Tools

Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ is an integrated platform for pressure relief design, chemical reactivity assessment and management, consequence analysis and quantitative risk assessment.

SuperChems™ can perform sizing calculations, account for header and flare stack hydraulics, and calculate the radiation effects due to flaring.

Process Safety Enterprise® software improves how you electronically store and track relief system design documentation, which saves you time during process hazard assessments and review cycles by ensuring the design bases are readily available.

Combined, this software provides a complete pressure relief system data lifecycle management solution.

How We Can Help You

Better evaluate hazards in your facility with an accurate process simulation.

Delivering properly designed pressure relief systems that save both money and time.

Our risk-based approach helps mitigate near-unventable scenarios to a tolerable level of risk.

Our team has decades of experience performing PRFS analysis and design.