Litigation Support

During litigation, it is necessary to sift through the evidence to determine what is relevant. Factual information is then evaluated and interpreted to understand the root causes of the event. This requires an understanding of the technical aspects of the operation or process step, coupled with experience in the operation of manufacturing facilities and equipment.

The ioMosaic team possesses both technical expertise and experience in the operation of plants and equipment. This background enables us to evaluate the evidence associated with accidents and determine the most probable causes, given the available information. Industrial accidents generally involve failure or breakdown of equipment, controls, operating policies and procedures, and/or human error or intent. Often there are simultaneous failures or inappropriate acts within more than one of these facets.

Developing Expert Opinion

We have the ability to prepare expert opinion reports and white papers to assist attorneys in responding to interrogatories, including:

  • Root Cause Analysis: We are able to apply our fault tree analysis experience to the analysis of incident root causes.
  • Verification of Physical Evidence: ioMosaic maintains a strategic alliance with ioKinetic, a state-of-the-art facility that conducts thermal hazard analysis and combustible dust characterization testing.
  • Structural Analysis: We have strategic alliances with experts in the areas of finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and corrosion engineering.

Expert Witness

Our professionals have given depositions and provided expert testimony before juries for a wide array of process incident cases. Our fields of expertise include process safety management, chemical plant operations, pressure relief and flare system design and chemical reactivity.

ioMosaic Litigation Support Tools

ioMosaic uses cutting-edge software to complete detailed analysis that aids in providing credible testimony:

  • Process Safety Office® component SuperChems™ is an advanced tool for evaluating relief and flare systems and conducting consequence and quantitative risk assessment.
  • Process Safety Office® component ioLogic™ allows us to create and edit fault trees for any purpose using our highly intuitive visual interface. Includes safety integrity level and Safety Instrumented System templates.

How We Can Help You

Our experts support every aspect to ensure that your facility runs safely and efficiently.

Our experts are at the forefront of pipeline Process Safety Management proficiency.

We prepare expert opinion reports and provide expert testimony for process incident cases.

Experienced engineers who have performed LOPAs on a wide range of facilities and terminals.

Helping manage risk with facility siting studies, assessments and recommendations.

Senior knowledgeable engineers prepare, organize, lead and document PHAs remotely or onsite.

Proven track record of performing QRAs for facilities, pipelines and transportation routes.

Integrating best practices with cost-effective solutions to address program deficiencies.

Decades of experience leading incident investigations for process industry companies.