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Evaluating Potential Hazards Accurately

According to OSHA, a facility siting study should be updated and revalidated at least every 5 years. Identify risks to personnel, equipment, and buildings from fire, explosion, and toxic hazards and mitigate them with a properly performed facility siting study from ioMosaic.

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Quantitative Risk Assessment for a Chemical Facility

A client needed to update a prior QRA study from 2015 of their plant with more equipment and buildings. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 PSM requires, under the PHA element, that employers conduct a facility siting study to verify that the location and occupancy of buildings, control rooms and trailers have been properly evaluated. See what elements are included in an ioMosaic QRA report, giving clients a thorough analysis of risk.

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Determining Fire Impact on Process Plant Permanent and Portable Buildings

A Risk-Based Approach

Identifying which facility buildings can be impacted by thermal radiation due to fires is complex. Our facility sitting approach simplifies how to determine the permanent and portable buildings that can be affected. Learn appropriate, cost-effective risk reduction measures for ensuring risk tolerability compliance.

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Design Tools for Relief Systems

Seamlessly and accurately calculates universal two phase flow

Creates dispersion models for single and multi-phase systems

Gives precise ideal nozzle assessments

Generates noise and thermal radiation contours from flares

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