John Barker, Ph.D.


Dr. Barker is the head of our international offices in the U.K. and the Kingdom of Bahrain. He has over 15 years of safety and risk management experience leading quantitative risk analyses (QRA), process hazard analyses (PHA), as well as various risk studies, and is responsible for developing and reviewing safety management systems and risk management systems. He has also been involved in the development and review of risk matrices for international oil and gas and transportation industries.

Project Sampling

Written a risk forecast model using validated data to provide the client with advance warning of peak network risk and a method of understanding the likely commercial risk associated with committing resources to remediate the identified levels of network risk.

Analyzed scenarios leading to loss of integrity and loss of supply within the pipeline utilities system to inform maintenance plans for assets nearing the end of their planned operating life for gas and multi-products pipeline operators in Africa.

Developed an asset risk management system to provide quantitative estimates of risk per metering subsystem and the likely priorities for repair. The system used estimates of network risk based on known fatality rates assigned to hazards identified during Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) workshops with asset managers. Residual risk was estimated from peer review of implicit safety, engineering and procedural controls.

Analyzed new process design options to determine the likely risk exposure for workers during normal operation and upset conditions; the results of the studies were used in process option selection to determine likely compliance with safety management system standards on the management of risk.


University of Bath
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

University of Bath
M.S. Environmental Economics
University of Wales, Cardiff
B.S. (Honors) Applied Biology