Incident Investigation Workflow

Manage Incident Reporting More Effectively

Process Safety Enterprise® (PSE) Incident Investigation Module enables efficient management of your entire reporting and investigation process. Action tracking ensures timely resolutions and centralized data storage enhances incident analysis and prevention.

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Simplify PSM Compliance

Process Safety Enterprise® Can Help

Process Safety Enterprise® is a comprehensive process safety management lifecycle platform designed to streamline and store data, documents, and workflows across multiple facilities using one platform. Environmental Health and Safety professionals can use Process Safety Enterprise® to manage all aspects of PSM for both compliance and risk reduction.

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Best Practices For Saving and Protecting Critical Data Following An Incident Part I

Significant critical information is often lost following an accident/ incident due to poor data and information gathering procedures. As a result, should litigation occur, information that could be useful in determining the cause of the incident and later in building a defense is not collected. This paper will try to overcome these possible problems and suggests some of the information and data that should be collected and saved following an incident.

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Is your PSM Program Effectively Implemented?

Learn how to optimize your process safety management program

Does your Process Safety Management (PSM) program have flaws and gaps? Could you or your company use tools to achieve risk reduction and improving safety? This complimentary 60-minute webinar will focus on improving overall PSM effectiveness.

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Managing LNG Risks


Managing LNG Risks

This course provides an understanding of unique LNG properties and hazards, modeling techniques, and risk management methodologies.

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QRA with Facility Siting

Course takes you through setting up consequence analysis, Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) and facility siting from start to finish.