Quantitative Risk Assessment

A Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) involves the detailed estimation of the expected frequency and consequences of potential accidents associated with a facility or operation. A QRA is an invaluable method for making informed risk-based process safety planning decisions, as well as being fundamental to any facility siting decision-making. It enables a detailed understanding of process risks, and where those risks arise from. In conducting a QRA, these risks can be better managed and mitigated.

ioMosaic has a proven track record of performing QRAs. Our professionals have performed assessments on a wide range of facilities, such as refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, tar sands, crude oil refineries, LNG facilities, and rail and marine transportation terminals. The ioMosaic team can help you make risk-based decisions with confidence.

ioMosaic Quantitative Risk Assessment Tools

ioMosaic uses Process Safety Office® SuperChems™, a state-of-the-art software tool to conduct QRAs. SuperChems™ has all the functionality necessary to conduct a QRA and can be used for calculating risk for fixed facilities, pipelines or transportation routes. ioMosaic understands that QRAs consist of two principal steps and SuperChems™ can help you with both steps:


  • Define meteorological and topographical data in SuperChems™
  • Visually define population data in SuperChems™
  • Visually define Ignition data in SuperChems™
  • Define your risk tolerability criteria


  • Generate failure scenarios in SuperChems™
  • Generate results in SuperChems™ (graphical and tabular)
  • Discharge
  • Dispersion
  • Toxic effects
  • Radiation effects
  • Explosion effects
  • Individual risk
  • Societal risk
  • Analysis of results
  • Risk-ranking of scenarios
  • Filtering of results
  • What-If scenarios

How We Can Help You

Our experts support every aspect to ensure that your facility runs safely and efficiently.

Our experts are at the forefront of pipeline Process Safety Management proficiency.

We prepare expert opinion reports and provide expert testimony for process incident cases.

Experienced engineers who have performed LOPAs on a wide range of facilities and terminals.

Helping manage risk with facility siting studies, assessments and recommendations.

Senior knowledgeable engineers prepare, organize, lead and document PHAs remotely or onsite.

Proven track record of performing QRAs for facilities, pipelines and transportation routes.

Integrating best practices with cost-effective solutions to address program deficiencies.

Decades of experience leading incident investigations for process industry companies.