Process Safety Enterprise®

Process Safety Enterprise® (PSE) is the ultimate enterprise system that administers workflows, manages data and documents, enables knowledge sharing, and enhances communication and collaboration — all on one platform. Moreover, PSE can manage with ease any legacy data, regardless of form and tool. PSE integrates with all Process Safety Office® (PSO) components for easy data exchange and transport. PSE can be delivered to you as a hosted application, a physical appliance or a virtual machine.

PSE Workflows

Management of Change Workflow

Management of Change Workflow, as part of PSE, incorporates a workflow and business rules engine that enables management of entire business processes such as MOC, compliance assurance, incident investigation and capital projects. It is designed to easily track action items, approvals, status, etc. for any workflow. PSE also possesses extensive process safety management compliance applications. 

Asset Integrity Workflow

Asset Integrity Workflows are designed to streamline and simplify the entire life cycle phrases of an Asset Integrity/Mechanical Integrity program by centralizing equipment data, managing inspection tasks, and identifying deficiencies. Workflows track inspection of equipment during construction and installation, schedule and track asset integrity inspections for operations and life extension as well as track and help correct equipment deficiencies. This module specifically addresses the RAGAGEP MAZE to enhance facility safety by automatically selecting and suggesting applicable RAGAGEP inspection tasks and frequency for each piece of equipment added to the AI program. The Asset Integrity module in PSE facilitates linking reports and backup documentation to the equipment forms and all equipment specific information is accessible from a single electronic form.

Incident Investigation Workflow

The PSE Incident Investigation module will manage your entire incident reporting and investigation process online from the initial reporting of the incident to closure. Relevant data is stored in a unique library created for each incident. Recommendations can be entered and tracked within PSE. As each task is completed, the appropriate individuals are notified by email to ensure that the workflow proceeds in a timely manner. The workflow can be implemented at multiple locations simultaneously using the organization chart for each facility. At the corporate level, company-wide incidents can be managed and analyzed for all locations worldwide.

Emergency Relief System Design Workflow

The integration between PSE and PSO SuperChems component equips pressure relief safety professionals and operating companies with a complete emergency relief systems (ERS) life-cycle management solution. PSE provides a centrally-structured database and workflow system to ensure all ERS projects are effectively executed, while SuperChems delivers a powerful and reliable simulator for all aspects of emergency relief design. Detailed pressure relief valve reports and supporting documentation are managed on an accessible platform. Maintaining ERS documentation in PSE also contributes to successful compliance with industry and corporate recommended practices and standards.

Compare Editions

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of PSE is a valuable knowledge management tool for any organization, providing Task Management and Action Tracking, as well as Structured and Unstructured Data Management.

Small Business Edition

The Small Business Edition is ideal for small and medium professional services enterprises. Along with Standard Edition features, this edition includes specific modules for Time Card, Expense, and Contact Management.

Corporate Edition

The Corporate Edition offers centralized, visual, and integrated modules for all the process safety management elements such as Management of Change, Incident Investigation, Process Safety Information, Process Hazard Analysis. These modules include visual workflow, user configurable dynamic database forms, and a multitude of document security, management functions, reporting templates, and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

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