Process Safety Training

Classroom, onsite and online training so you can protect your stakeholder value, reduce episodic incidents, and comply with safety regulations and company standards.

Offering you a wide spectrum of safety, technology and risk management training provided by well-renowned, international trainers with a wealth of industry experience. Participants will receive CEU or PDH continuing education credits.

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What Our Clients Say

“I strongly recommend the ioMosaic training program. I recently took the PHA leader course that was partly web-based and with one live workshop. The setup was great, the facilities were great and the very experienced teacher was outstanding.”
"The quality of the knowledge of the facilitators was very credible and respectful. They kept things moving.”
“We got our value out of this course.  It was well worth it.”
“It was nice because it was interactive. We did not just sit there and listen to people talk. We shared scenarios from our current work and facilitators shared many helpful / insightful examples from their vast experience.”
“Course exceeded our expectations.”
“Successful training – we came back with lots of notes on things we can work on.”
“Excellent. ioMosaic tailored the course to our specifications.”
“Having people walk out from this training and think differently about their job was our goal. What we were hoping to get out of it – we did.”

Latest Classroom Training

PRV Stability Workshop

September 26, 2019

PRV Stability Workshop

Learn practical methods for the identification and evaluation of high risk relief systems installations where potential PRV instability requires evaluation by engineering analysis.

PHA Leader Training

November 5, 2019

PHA Leader Training

Gain a thorough understanding of the essentials of leading PHAs using industry methodologies such as HAZOP, FMEA, What If, Checklist and more, through online and in-person instruction.

SuperChems™ Hands-On Training

Jan 29-31, 2020

SuperChems™ Hands-On Training

Master techniques for addressing relief sizing for various scenarios, relief piping system design, flare header modeling and consequence modeling.

Featured Online Training

Mechanical Integrity

Mechanical Integrity

Learn how to set up a mechanical integrity (MI) program. An MI program is essential for your facility to prevent failures and accidental releases.

PHA Basic

PHA Basic

Learn the essential structure of PHAs and get an introduction to the industry’s most popular methodologies such as HAZOP, What-If, Checklist, FMEA, and more.

Refinery Hazards Fundamentals

Refinery Hazards Fundamentals

Understand the fundamentals involved to identify and evaluate different hazard types and their associated risks within refineries or chemical facilities.

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Our Instructors

Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE

President & CEO The founder of ioMosaic and internationally renowned expert in the areas of pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reaction systems, process safety and risk analysis. Read more...

Neil Prophet

Senior Partner Pressure relief and flare systems design project management and engineering expertise for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies. Read more...

Daniel Nguyen, PE & PMP

Senior Partner & CTO Responsible for a team of software engineers in the development of ioMosaic’s PSO software and manages pressure relief and flare systems evaluation and design projects. Read more...

Viren Patel, ITIL, CSSC

Chief Information Officer Leads large scale IT initiatives including enterprise architecture and governance, risk management, security and compliance, disaster planning and more. Read more...

Katherine Anderson, CCPSC

Principal Consultant Experienced project leader in hazard identification, evaluation, functional safety, process safety and risk management. Read more...

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