Neal Dahlheimer, CPPM

Senior Safety and Risk Management Consultant

Mr. Dahlheimer performs pressure relief and flare system (PRFS) analyses for various facilities, including chemical and petrochemical plants and oil refineries. His current focus is working on pressure relief system studies for refining corporations in the United States. Mr. Dahlheimer has used his knowledge of PRFS Codes and recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices (RAGAGEPs) to help develop project guidelines for PRFS projects.

Mr. Dahlheimer is the Technical Lead for the projects on which he works where he is responsible for sharing his technical knowledge with the project team as well as ensuring all work is performed to ioMosaic’s quality standard and conforms with client company standards, project guidelines, and RAGAGEP.

Project Sampling

Evaluates pressure relief systems including development of overpressure scenarios, relief systems calculations, and generation of relief systems documentation for varying process and vessel types.

Performs flare system analysis including identification of global scenarios, hydraulic evaluation of flare header, consequence modeling (radiation, dispersion, noise, and toxicity), flare knock-out drum evaluation, and development of mitigation options.

Prepares recommendations for concerns identified as part of pressure relief system analyses by assessing risk, identifying cost-effective solutions and soliciting agreements with plant technical and operations personnel.

Organizes PRFS analysis results in comprehensible reports and provides clients with appropriate documentation of the evaluation and supporting information.

Publications and Presentations

Practical ERS Design, in-house training course

Introduction to ioXpress™ – Pressure Relief and Flare Systems Data Lifecycle Management, client software training

Better Reports Using ioReport, 2019 Software Users Group Meeting

Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ Tips and Tricks 2019 Software Users Group Meeting


Certified Professional Project Manager (CPPM)

University of Minnesota
B.S. Chemical Engineering