Compliance Auditing

Audits are the ongoing quality assurance process for your Process Safety Management (PSM) systems. They are designed to ensure compliance with regulations (OSHA PSM and EPA RMP) and conformance to industry and company standards and guidelines.

ioMosaic professionals wrote the book, "Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety Management Systems,” an industry standard publication on PSM auditing for AIChE CCPS. The Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries called it, "…a very comprehensive and thorough discussion of risk based process safety management systems…an invaluable reference source."

ioMosaic has conducted audits with oil refineries, oil storage, petrochemical complexes, power plants, ammonia storage facilities, NGL facilities, bulk liquid terminals, onshore and marine LNG terminals, chemicals facilities, paper companies, mining companies, plastics manufacturers, and many more businesses. We integrate best industry practices into the performance-based expectations of PSM compliance programs in order to provide you with cost-effective solutions to address program deficiencies. We partner with your audit team to provide the necessary hands-on (or remote) experience to be an effective team leader or audit team member.

Interested In Learning About Remote PSM Audits?

ioMosaic continues to provide safe, uninterrupted process safety services, training, and guidance REMOTELY including: PHAs, PHA Revalidations, PSM Audits and many other process safety services or training. Call us today at 1.844.ioMosaic or fill out the form below. We would love to hear from you.

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ioMosaic Auditing Tools

At the heart of an audit is the protocol that guides team members through each step of the audit process. Our protocols go beyond the compliance requirements and address the equally important quality issues of each PSM element. Our Process Safety Office® ioAuditor™ software has intuitive, pre-populated audit protocols simplifying documentation of audit findings, and easily shared with team members. Another benefit of ioAuditor™ is that it syncs seamlessly with our Process Safety Enterprise® platform allowing you to further automate, manage and track your action items securely.

How We Can Help You

ioMosaic pioneered many of the current risk assessment techniques for processes that handle hazardous chemicals.

Our experts support every aspect to ensure that your facility runs safely and efficiently.

Expertise to help you minimize your exposure to fire, injury, property damage, and litigation.

Integrating best practices with cost-effective solutions to address program deficiencies.

Helping manage risk with facility siting studies, assessments and recommendations.

Senior knowledgeable engineers facilitate PHAs or DHAs in nearly all sectors of the process and processing industries.

Decades of experience leading incident investigations for process industry companies.

We prepare expert opinion reports and provide expert testimony for process incident cases.

Experienced engineers who have performed LOPAs on a wide range of facilities and terminals.

Our experts are at the forefront of pipeline Process Safety Management proficiency.

Offering you a wide spectrum of safety, technology and risk management training.

Proven track record of performing QRAs for facilities, pipelines and transportation routes.

Well versed in assisting global companies with their sustainability reporting communications.