Assessment of the Impact of Loss of Critical Support Services on Safety, Environment, and Production Case Study


The Challenge

An international consumer products manufacturer suffered a significant business interruption due to failure of a critical support facility. This incident raised the question of whether there were other critical support facilities that could cause a similar interruption in production or a significant safety or environmental impact.

Our Approach

Based on a list of support facilities identified by the client, we held a series of brainstorming sessions following a failure mode and effects analysis approach. For each support service, failure modes were identified along with potential causes. The impacts of these failures on safety, environment, and/or production were then assessed based on four levels of severity. Existing safeguards were identified. Recommendations to mitigate these failures or their consequences were then proposed. We also provided guidance on how to assess the frequency of each scenario in order to assess risk as a means to prioritize the recommendations.

The Benefits

Over 100 scenarios were developed, some of which could cause a major safety, environmental, or business interruption impact. Over 50 recommendations were made. In addition, the client will verify that all listed safeguards are in place and functioning.

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