James Close

Safety and Risk Management Analyst

Mr. Close is focused on pressure relief and flare system design and analysis for large chemical and petrochemical companies in Europe and the United States. His expertise includes reaction engineering, powder handling, fluid mechanics, loss prevention, management systems and process dynamics. Mr. Close also has practical experience with numerous software packages including Process Safety Office® SuperChems™, Python, Matlab, and Aspen. He is a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

Project Sampling

Performs emergency relief system (ERS) design for petrochemical and public utilities companies.

Knowledgeable in emergency relief codes based on API and ASME standards.

Experienced with the development of relief system mitigation options and provides advice to clients.

Knowledgeable in steady-state and dynamic simulations on vessels, column systems, and reactors based on API and DIERS standards for single and multiphase flow.

Evaluated a flare header system and provided thermal radiation, toxicity parameters, and noise levels diagrams.

Performed Pressure relief and flare system (PRFS) studies with Process Safety Office® SuperChems™.


University of Bath
Chemical Engineering with Industrial Placement, MEng with Honours