PRFS Design Analysis for a Chemical Facility Case Study


The Challenge

A polystyrene production facility wanted a complete audit of all pressure relief valve files and documents to determine any process safety information gaps. Requirements included analyzing a third-party contractor’s evaluation of specific vessels that did not have a relief device installed on them, and a pressure relief and flare system design evaluation on the relief devices at the facility.

Our Approach

ioMosaic PRFS analysis and audit was performed using our software SuperChems™, a component of Process Safety Office®. The scope of work included all relief devices and associated protected equipment, classified by client personnel to be PSM-covered and non-PSM-covered. This project also determined the adequacy of the effluent handling system serving the facility based on the relief systems as-installed and controlling global scenario(s).

This project involved an extensive review of process data. ioMosaic utilized our information management solution Process Safety Enterprise® to manage the data used by the analysis and the completed analysis calculations and reports.

ioMosaic deliverables included SuperChems™ executable files and reports (a full report, overpressure scenario report and specification sheet) for each of the 189 systems in the operating unit requiring analysis. These served as the official, as-built relief system design basis records. A database for the devices and their associated equipment at the facility including all relevant documentation, specification sheets, summary information, etc. was implemented on Process Safety Enterprise® that the client could readily access.

Simplified Tools

The ioMosaic team utilized these tools during the project: SuperChems™ analyzed the process data and identified potential deviations and Process Safety Enterprise® managed, tracked, and securely shared all process safety data.

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The Benefits

ioMosaic highlighted 356 items of concern in a detailed list of the potential deviations from industry codes, standards, RAGAGEP, and client corporate guidelines. This list, along with initial discussions of potential mitigation options for each item, was reviewed with the client process safety management and operations groups. As a result of the detailed baseline revalidation study, subsequent projects have been discussed to resolve the identified deviations.

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