Risk-Based Approach – Facility Siting Addressing Fires Impacting Process Plant Permanent and Portable Buildings

This manuscript describes a risk-based approach with the aim to identify which occupied buildings in a process facility could be impacted by thermal radiation due to fires. This approach complies with API Recommended Practice 752 and 753 criteria and it consists of the following two steps: (1) risk-based quantitative assessment and (2) exceedance curve development. Additionally, a sensitivity analysis for risk reduction measures is evaluated. A case study is developed for illustrative purposes and the results confirm the following approach capabilities and characteristics: (a) a risk-based approach is considered the foundation for developing exceedance curves, (b) exceedance curves are a good engineering tool for identifying which occupied buildings comply or do not comply with given tolerability risk criteria; and (c) sensitivity analysis of outcomes associated with high risk levels impacting affected buildings is an effective and inexpensive approach for defining and comparing suitable and cost-effective risk reductions measures during the decision-making process.

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