Flare Relocation Study Case Study


The Challenge

A petrochemical company in the Middle East needed a flare relocation study for three existing flares and one new flare stack. The challenge was to design an economical solution that met all the compliance requirements.

Our Approach

Our team evaluated the feasibility of relocating three existing flares for their olefins, ethylbenzene, and ethanol units. An additional flare stack for a new ethylbenzene plant was also considered. All of the flare stacks were suspended from the same support structure.

Using Process Safety Office® SuperChems software from ioMosaic, we evaluated the radiation at various site locations for worst-case flaring events from each unit, and worst-case simultaneous flaring from all four units. For the relocated flares, we also evaluated the additionally developed back-pressure due to extending flare headers to the new flare location. The final design involved a supported flare stack of 90 meters elevation.

The Benefits

The team designed an economical solution for relocating the existing systems that met all the compliance requirements, while identifying the worst-case scenarios and the health, safety, and environment-related issues necessary for compliance. The client now has increased confidence in the design of their relief valves, more appropriate safety factors, while reducing costs at their facility.

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