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Have you evaluated the potential hazards at your chemical facility accurately and in detail?

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Conducting Remote Process Hazard Analysis (PHAs)

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Process Safety Solutions

We reduce and manage episodic risk, improve efficiency, and maintain compliance.

What Our Clients Say

“The team exceeded expectations when it came to both expertise and response time. The expertise was invaluable; provided background facts for negotiations that the other side was not able to counter.”
“Reactivity test reports are outside our area of expertise and your team always helps walk us through information. And we have a long list of items for your team to continue to work on.”
“We had an immediate need for specific expertise and your firm found the right person to help us. To find the right expertise wasn’t easy and we found it at ioMosaic.”
"Peace of mind is extremely valuable to us. We rely on your firm to validate our valves."

“We knew we were getting the best company to do this work.”

“I was blown away. The project was completed under time and under budget.”

“Did quality work and communication was good throughout the project. ioMosaic’s work was important in order to understand the physical risk our equipment may have. ioMosaic’s work product was a key input to our final risk assessment.”

“Fantastic job, no complaints at all, everything was completed on time and as expected.”

“For us it was not just short term but long term value added to be able to continue working with ioMosaic on additional PRV management projects. ioMosaic exceeded expectations as well as completed additional scope within original time frame.”

“Top guys in the field and I knew ioMosaic would do a good job. Gave us a second pair of eyes and picked up on things we missed.”

“The ioMosaic personnel are good to work with. They are experienced and were able to work quickly within our budget.”

“ioMosaic knew what they needed to do, they delivered what they needed to deliver and they did so in a very timely manner. No extra effort needed on our side. The client got what they wanted and were pleased. That's what matters.”

Professional Development

Live Webex® and Online Process Safety Training

Learn to develop and implement cost-effective best practices in safety, technology and risk management.

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Upcoming Events

  • Virtual 16th Global Congress on Process Safety

    Aug 17-21, 2020

    Virtual 16th Global Congress on Process Safety

    Join us at this year's virtual event filled with inspiring and thought-provoking online content for process safety practitioners, brought to you by AIChE and the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS).

  • PHA/HAZOP Leader e-Learning Course

    September 8, 2020

    PHA/HAZOP Leader e-Learning Course

    Gain a thorough understanding of the essentials of leading Process Hazard Analysis (PHAs) using industry methodologies such as HAZOP, FMEA, What If, Checklist, and more via online training and Webex® live instructor-led workshop September 8 and 10, 2020.

  • SuperChems™ Webex® Live Training

    Sep 15-17, 2020

    SuperChems™ Webex® Live Training

    Master techniques for addressing relief sizing for various scenarios, relief piping system design, flare header modeling and consequence modeling.

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