Model Irregular Pipe Geometries With Process Safety Office®

Model Irregular Pipe Geometries With PSO


Model Irregular Pipe Geometries

Starting in Process Safety Office® v8.3 using the SuperChems™ component, users can model flow from various irregular pipe geometries such as cracks, rectangular ducts, annulus (pipe in pipe), elliptical pipes, and parallel equivalent pipes. Typical applications include loss of containment estimates from equipment’s cracks and pump/compressor seal or angular flow geometry.

Visio 2016 and Microsoft® Office 365 Support 

All components of Process Safety Office® which are integrated with Visio® for visual arrangement and representation are now fully supported with the latest Visio® versions. These components include ioLogic™, ioVu™ (for relief/process piping isometric), and SuperChems™ flow network and process flow diagram capabilities. Our software supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.


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