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March Technology Update


See What the Latest ioViewer Can Do for You

Process Safety Office® ioViewer is a complimentary reporting utility developed to generate and view reports from any Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ software, including SuperChems™ for DIERS and DIERS Lite. To meet our client's needs, we have enhanced ioViewer to tap into and better analyze the vast, dynamic data produced by SuperChems™ as well as other Process Safety Office® applications.

New functionalities include:

  • Generate reports for PHAGlobal® studies without the need to have PHAGlobal® software installed 
  • Generate reports for ioAuditor™ without the need to have the software installed 
  • Bug fixes for SuperChems™ report generation 
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How to Customize Report Options

Process Safety Office® ioViewer makes customizing report content easy. Follow these three steps to generate options you would like included in reports for SuperChems™, PHAGlobal®, and ioAuditor.

  1. Click on “Report Options” tab.
  2. Report contents are displayed; select the desired sections that need to be included in the report.
  3. Click "OK" or immediately move onto the "Generate Report" tab to export the PDF report.
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