New Process Safety Enterprise® Features Enhance Collaboration

April Tech Update


Simplified Collaboration

PSE has made it simpler to collaborate with new features. Now easily assign tasks and checklists to a single team member or multiple team members with the user checkoff field. Checkoff completed items or tasks with just one click, directly within the workflow module. Once all team members have completed / checked off their tasks, the workflow then automatically advances to facilitate better project collaboration.

Better Data Management

PSE now allows assignment of folder or document permissions by team member as well as organization. In addition, the search functionality has been upgraded to include by user name. These new features help to better centralize data and project management.


How to Activate Notifications for Action Items

Activating the notification functionality for existing action items in Process Safety Enterprise® is easy by following these steps:

  1. Go to Tasks-> [User Name] Specific-> "Assigned to Me" or "Assigned by Me".
  2. You will receive a list of action items, click on “Edit”.
  3. Then click “Activate Notification” in Notification section.
  4. Select your desired start date and the frequency you wish to receive the notification (once, daily, or weekly).
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