Improved User Interface and SQL Server 2016 Integration in PSE

June 2019 Technology Update


More Fluidity

A new user interface has been released for Process Safety Enterprise® (PSE) to improve user experience. Features include updated icons, fonts, and graphics to provide more fluidity and enhance the intuitiveness of the platform’s functionality. The new responsive design adapts to the evolving needs of the mobile landscape as the interface renders the page to fit any window size.

Improved Functionality

Technical enhancements to PSE now support the installation of the latest version of the SQL Server 2016. This integration enables users to leverage all new features offered by the 2016 version to improve user experience and increase functionality in PSE.


How to Access Document Version History

To access a prior version of a document in Process Safety Enterprise®, follow these quick steps:

  1. Locate the preferred document and right click on "Details".
  2. Next select the "Versions" tab.
  3. PSE keeps a log of all prior documents and the dates they were modified. Make your selection and press "Download" to view it.
  4. Administrators have the ability to change versions and can set a prior document as the current version.
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