SuperChems™ Facility Siting Module Tutorial

SuperChems™ Facility Siting Module Tutorial


According to OSHA, a facility siting study should be updated and revalidated at least every 5 years. Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ QRA/Facility Siting module is perfect for performing both simple and detailed facility siting studies quickly and cost effectively.

Useful Tools for Modeling and Reporting

  • For consequence based analysis, the user can define scenarios associated with areas of congestion on the map and execute the overpressure data reduction tools to identify building impacts.
  • For more detailed analysis, all scenarios leading to flammable vapor clouds can be modeled and the cumulative frequency identified for explosions at different locations including areas of congestion.
  • A risk based assessment can be generated for each building for occupant vulnerability and/or for structural assessments.
  • Includes a wide variety of detailed release and consequence models that can easily be used to perform detailed facility siting studies.

Download the Tutorial

Download this tutorial, written by Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE, and learn about the many useful tools in this module for building overpressure modeling and reporting.

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