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Are You Struggling With Your Asset Integrity Program Webinar

Can your team adequately address equipment deficiencies? Does your facility schedule internal equipment inspections and are they performance tested? Are your procedures and storage of information processes adequate? Your facility needs to be able to answer these and other questions to be sure you have an efficient and compliant Asset Integrity program in place.

This 60-minute ioMosaic-sponsored webinar examines OSHA’s top cited AI violations and provides insight into ways to develop an effective AI program that will keep your facility in compliance every day. Special emphasis will be on the advantages of having an electronic database in place with actionable workflow functionality. You will learn why asset integrity matters and practical solutions have never been more important to withstand the unpredictability – like a pandemic. Equipment data is key to AI, and quick, remote access to current equipment data is vital during the unimaginable. This is a complimentary webinar.

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