ERS Evaluation of Three Pressure Relief Valve Systems Case Study


The Challenge

A multinational energy company operated a 174,000 BPD refinery whose pressure relief valves (PRVs) were damaged and needed replacement for an upcoming turnaround. The client required confirmation on the sizing of a pre-existing valve as well as evaluation of a second PRV. They also needed a new PRV sized for a new knock out drum that would be installed with two new compressors. Prompt completion was needed to meet their accelerated deadline.

Our Approach

The pressure relief system analysis and documentation were prepared using Process Safety Office® SuperChems™. After compiling process flow diagrams, heat and material balances, piping and instrumentation diagrams and other data for all three PRVs, the ioMosaic team analyzed potential upset conditions that could produce overpressure.

The Benefits

The client was able to acquire the materials and complete the final design for the pressure relief systems on schedule thanks to our fast delivery of accurate and detailed isometrics and PRV specification sheets. According to our client, “We were pretty impressed that ioMosaic was able to find stuff that we didn’t have before with previous calculations. ioMosaic was able to help get us compliant.”

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