Flare System Revalidation Update for a Refinery Process Unit Case Study


The Challenge

An independent refining, chemicals, biofuels and ingredients company executed a large capital project that included expansion and modification of one of their process units. The client required an update to existing flare analysis, which ioMosaic had previously completed, with the global scenario information from the capital project.

Our Approach

ioMosaic supported the relief system design and modification aspect of the large capital project by interfacing directly with the EPC. Once the relief system design was finalized, ioMosaic updated the previously completed flare analysis with the new and/or modified relief devices and their impact on the global scenarios and flare analysis from this capital project. ioMosaic reviewed the global overpressure scenarios for the systems within scope, updated the SuperChems™ model, evaluated the flare system performance for the largest relief load (Total Power Failure), and provided an updated report. The scope included 44 relief valves discharging to flare.

The Benefits

ioMosaic deliverables included SuperChems™ executable files for the revised Total Power Failure global scenario serving as the official, as-built, relief system design basis records. All documentation for the flare system with all relevant documentation, specification sheets, summary information, etc. was uploaded to an ioXpress™ database readily accessible by the client. The flare summary report included flare header analysis and consequence modeling.

With this information, the client has an updated flare model and the supporting report with consideration of the recent capital project impacts. The flare analysis and consequence modeling may be used for identification of relief system deficiencies, for which corrective action may be taken.

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