Hydrogen Fueling Safety Assessment Case Study


The Challenge

The California Energy Commission was directed to assist in the development of clean alternate transportation fuels. As part of this effort, they support the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles operating on hydrogen fuel. In order to be used extensively in the transportation sector, the safety of hydrogen production, storage, and supply needed to be addressed.

Our Approach

This required evaluation of different alternate designs for supply of hydrogen at fueling stations. Four alternate technologies for hydrogen supply were selected including: delivery of hydrogen gas by tube trailer, delivery of liquid hydrogen by truck, reforming of natural gas and electrolysis. The ioMosaic team conducted a failure modes and effects analysis of these four technologies based on existing designs and for comparison, and also review two compressed natural gas fueling designs.

The Benefits

The results were used to identify potential failures in hydrogen and compressed natural gas fueling stations, assess their potential consequences, and evaluate whether existing safeguards are adequate. These studies worked to help minimize loss of life, environmental impact, equipment damage, citations, and litigation.


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