Independent Review of Risk Management Program for Proposed Plant Expansion Case Study


The Challenge

A world-class chemical company was involved in a project to triple the capacity of its fumigant plant to meet demand due to the phase-out of competing ozone depleting fumigants. An independent review of the company’s risk assessment methods and safeguards for protecting the public from operational hazards was requested by certain government agencies. The plant was regulated by several state and local agencies and any expansion project required permit authorization, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

Our Approach

Our staff teamed up with an environmental consulting organization to review and critique the client’s risk management plan for their expanded facility. The ioMosaic team was comprised of several process safety engineers who routinely apply current state-of the-science risk management tools. Process Safety Office® PHAGlobal® simplifies the recording of findings and tracking follow-up. Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ is a state-of-the-art software tool for calculating risk for fixed facilities, pipelines, or transportation routes. 

Our expertise and experience with hazard evaluation and risk management was key to analyzing the chemical company's operations and assessing the quality of the results in record time. Analysis detailed  failure scenarios, discharge and dispersion, the effects of toxicity and explosion, risk-ranking, individual and societal risks, and much more.

The Benefits

In a very short timeline, our team was able to assimilate a significant amount of project risk management data and provide a thorough critique of the facility's risk assessment methods and safeguards. Our detailed assessment analysis was incorporated into the report to senior management and government agencies.

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