PRV Stability Dynamics Analysis Case Study


The Challenge

The client required an evaluation of potential stability issues that were highlighted for a proposed PRV installation. This PRV design had been estimated to run afoul of the 3% rule. Given the complexity of this work and our known expertise in this area, the client came to ioMosaic to perform an extensive analysis of the PRV stability dynamics.

The ioMosaic Approach

The client required an in-depth analysis of the stability of two newly designed proposed PRV layouts. The challenge for these layouts lay in the fact that they were for a highly viscous material at two different temperatures and viscosities. This approach required a lot of work creating and tweaking the dynamic model for a successful solution. The work was performed using our software Process Safety Office® SuperChems™. It led to a discovery of potential issues with the code allowing for better modeling of high viscosity fluids through a relief device. Because this was a rigorous evaluation of high viscosity fluid through a relief valve, our approach resulted in improvements in the viscosity correction and PRV stability code, allowing for easier future use of PRV stability dynamics as well as better modeling of highly viscous relief.

The Result

A final PRV stability report was delivered to the client. The report concluded that the client’s proposed design would lead to stable PRV operation with no reduction in capacity. However, the client was informed of safety risks being that the system would need to be looked at by a piping support engineer in order to ensure the loads experienced during relief would not lead to the pipes being overstrained and break. Our deliverables included animations of the simulation to demonstrate the findings, highlight the improvements, and overall provided the client with a comprehensive analysis.

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