An Overview of SuperChems for DIERS: A Program for Emergency Relief System and Effluent Handling Designs

The computer program, SuperChems™ for DIERS, is a dynamic simulator, capable of performing emergency relief system and effluent handling designs for complex geometries and multiphase reaction systems. In addition, SuperChems™ for DIERS is an equation-of-state based program which provides several benefits over existing non-equation-of-state based methods for systems involving supercritical reactions like polymerizations of butadiene and acrylonitrile, solution effects such as HCI/Water, and a priori determination of phase splitting.

This computer program allows the user to dynamically simulate several common configurations for vent containment design. For example, the user is able to simulate a vessel discharging a two-phase mixture into a quench/vent where the catch/vent tank will vent to a stack or a scrubber. Unit operations available include separators (horizontal and vertical), cyclones, etc. The impact of back pressure and continuing reaction in the vent containment system is accounted for in the dynamic simulations.

DIERS Users Group awarded Arthur D. Little, Inc. a contract to provide the next generation computer program for emergency relief system and effluent handling designs.

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