Best Practices for Calculation of Self Accelerating Reaction Temperatures for Reactive Systems Part 1

In this tutorial, the user is shown how to prepare a forever green chemical reaction data set from any source using a universal data taxonomy. The newly upgraded and enhanced Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ data reduction tools can now be used to analyze and preserve this valuable data. As a result, the user is provided with a complete framework for data reduction and analysis, kinetic model development, and chemical reactivity data scaleup. Recommended additional reading is included for further understanding of the software tools.

This tutorial represents part I of a six-part series. With this data set in hand, the user can then proceed to the part 2 tutorial, where they will be shown how to develop a kinetic model from their reactivity data.

SuperChems™ data reduction tools now upgraded and enhanced.

SuperChems™ v11.5 data reduction tools now upgraded and enhanced

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