Beyond Quantitative Risk Analysis Results Part II Poster

The main purpose of a Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is to evaluate the risk levels of a process due to a potential Loss of Containment scenarios (LOCs). Moreover, the analysis of detailed QRA results is the basis for more specific studies for facility and critical equipment siting, and the domino effects analysis due to thermal radiation of fires.

This poster focuses on illustrating a risk-based fire assessment in order to provide detailed results for domino effects / escalation analysis. This analysis takes into account the following information:

1) Identification of the total number of fire outcomes (i.e., pool fires, or jet flash fires) which impact a given structure;

2) Individual frequency and associated heat flux of each identified outcome.

The fire risk-based assessment is illustrated by completing the following three steps:

1) Identification of structures impacted by a certain heat flux due to fires at a given frequency threshold / criteria;

2) Prediction of the Time To Failure (TTF) of equipment identified in step 1; and

3) Estimation of TTF conditions for domino effect / escalation analysis; i.e., consequence modeling.

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