Process Safety Competency

This presentation provides an overview of the process safety competency institutional guidelines and what organizations like yours can do to promote process safety within. 

CCPS defines competency as, "Competency is the combination of knowledge, skill, expertise, and training needed to deem an individual well-qualified and capable in a subject area." Process safety competency involves continuously improving knowledge, ensuring that relevant information is readily available when needed, and using/sharing competencies that have been learned. 

The most important factor for achieving competency, nonetheless, is having a true commitment by the senior management, a commitment which allows efforts of knowledge transfer, learning, and collaboration companywide. Process safety competency is vital because losses (life, environment or physical equipment) can be devastating from all perspectives involving personal and business.

Catastrophic incidents may only occur occasionally; however, it is important to learn from every incident so as not to repeat ― better yet reduce ― any future incidents. This presentation includes actionable intelligence you can use to increase process safety competency.

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