The Mechanics of a QRA

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is a method for identifying and measuring contributions to a process facility's total risk. QRAs can provide stakeholders with a sound foundation for creating awareness about current hazards and risks. Potential risk-control or risk-reduction actions can be implemented and their impact appraised based on the results.

This presentation by Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE, provides a look into the automated QRA process, with accompanying images. Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ software from ioMosaic provides a versatile QRA model for both fixed facilities and transportation. The software will deliver the individual risk contours or risk transects at specific locations, individual risk contours, overpressure risk, risk transects, and societal risks. It will generate risk reports that sort buildings and infrastructure by various risk levels: overall, thermal, overpressure, and / or toxicity.


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