Wall Dynamics Tutorial for High-Pressure Systems

The fundamental heat transfer equation outlined in API Standard 521, Pressure-Relieving and Depressurizing Systems, is the basis for the wall dynamics approach. This presentation shows the advantages and characteristics of the wall segmentation approach implemented in Process Safety Office® SuperChems™. This software allows the user to:

  • Predict the fluid dynamics of equipment containing liquids, vapors, and
    multiphase flows with or without chemical reactions
  • Specify equipment internals using a variety of materials of construction
  • Connect multiple equipment and connect relief and process lines to the top and/or bottom of equipment
  • Include incoming and outgoing fluid streams
  • And more

Two case studies illustrate the application of the wall dynamics approach. Case study 1 shows how to model a pressure vessel where exposure to an open pool fire has been identified as a contingency of concern. Case study 2 shows how to model a low-pressure atmospheric tank that has been identified to be exposed to thermal radiation due to a nearby pool fire.


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