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Since its inception in 2001, ioMosaic Corporation has conducted several hundred Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) studies. In the conduct of these studies, accurate and retrievable recording of this safety exercise is vital. We have had the opportunity to use various commercially available software packages for PHA recording to support the studies. All have their own strengths and weaknesses. We therefore decided several years ago to develop our own in-house tool – Process Safety Office® PHAGlobal® – to provide the features we believe should be the priority for the PHA Leader, all accessible in a simple interface. A comparative analysis of PHAGlobal® features with other commercially available solutions is included, along with several case studies where PHAGlobal® was the software tool used to deliver the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) reports.

PHAGlobal® is one of the several tools within Process Safety Office® which provides process safety and risk professionals with an integrated suite of tools for process hazards analysis, auditing, consequence analysis, risk analysis, facility siting, and pressure relief and flare systems evaluation and design.

One of the main advantages of PHAGlobal® over other commercially available software is that it contains pre-populated templates for conducting risk analyses using different techniques such as Hazard and Operability (HAZOP), What-if?, and Checklist (including Facility Siting and Human Factors). In addition, PHAGlobal® also contains pre-populated checklists to address combustible hazards as part of your Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA), and pre-populated templates to perform Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). We now additionally provide PHAGlobal® users with the option to centrally manage and distribute these templates to users within their organization, which we find simplifies study management when an organization requires a specific template to be shared.

Computerized Tools

The Hazard Identification findings, analysis, and documentation in the case studies were prepared using Process Safety Office® PHAGlobal® . PHAGlobal® templates are designed to document the findings of all types of hazard identification approaches including HAZOP, What-IF, and FMEA. Copies of the findings were distributed to every member of the team for review and comment daily during the hazard identification studies. Once the study was complete, the findings were collated for review and comments incorporated.

Customizable/exportable reporting feature.



Customizing and flexible node functions.



Project file sample deviations, causes and consequences.


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