The Five Biggest Process Safety Challenges For 2003

As we start a new year, we can take pride in our accomplishments for 2002. Unfortunately, we cannot linger too long because there are new challenges awaiting us in 2003. We have tried to put ourselves in your shoes and look ahead to what will occupy most of your time going forward. These new challenges are driven by new regulations and industry standards as well as a desire to prevent accidents. 

1. Safety And Vulnerability Analysis
2. Reactive Chemical Testing
3. Process Safety Management (PSM) Quality
4. Emergency Relief System Design And Documentation
5. Independent Auditing

We expect that some or all of the five biggest challenges we have listed will be important to you in 2003 and we would like to help you tackle them. We would also appreciate your comments on our list and any others you may have. Give us a call so we can work with you in meeting these challenges.

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