QRA and ERS An Integrated Approach

Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) and Emergency Relief System (ERS) Analysis are both components of a successful Process Safety Management Program. While both studies often share the same information, they tend to remain separate, independent, studies. However, at facilities where relief valves can vent toxic and flammable materials directly to the atmosphere, these discharges can be a significant contributor to overall risk.

ioMosaic Corporation has recently performed studies combining QRA and ERS techniques for major chemical companies. The integrated approach realized many benefits. Efficiency was gained in terms of data collection, data sharing and information management. The existing Emergency Relief System was analyzed for its adequacy; while the Quantitative Risk Analysis considered various hazard scenarios throughout the plant, including relief device discharge.

Using a case study, this paper outlines the methodologies used, and the risk mitigation options proposed.

Figure 1: Overall Individual Risk Results Base Case Overall Individual Risk Results Base Case

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