Quickly Develop Chemical Interaction Matrices with SuperChems™

The development of accurate chemical interaction matrices can provide valuable information for the management of potential chemical reactivity hazards. SuperChems™ 1, a component of Process Safety Office® 2, provides intuitive and easy to use utilities for the rapid development of chemical interaction matrices. These utilities were developed based on known heuristics and rules for the interaction of certain chemical groupings. SuperChems also provides additional utilities for the calculation of energy release and stoichiometry of one or more chemical reactions using detailed multiphase chemical equilibrium algorithms and reacting flow dynamics. In addition to thermo-physical and transport properties databanks, SuperChems provides hazards databanks where chemical groupings and other reactivity and toxicity data are available for approx-imately three thousand chemicals. Of particular interest is version 8.5 of the hazards databanks, released in March of 2018.

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