Process Safety Office®

Process Safety Office® is an integrated and comprehensive software suite providing an end-to-end solution for safety professionals. Different components within Process Safety Office® allow you to work through various tasks in your day-to-day safety focused operation at different levels. Find below the individual components within PSO, top tools for managing daily PSM.


SuperChems™ is an industry-recognized, versatile software tool that provides an integrated platform for pressure relief and flare systems (PRFS) evaluation and design. This powerful tool can be used for simple and complex flow dynamics, pressure relief systems and vent containment design, chemical reactivity management, quantitative risk analysis, and consequence analysis.

Key functionality:

  • Automatically generate noise and thermal radiation contours from flares (horizontal and vertical profiles)
  • Create dispersion models for single and multi-phase systems using true multi-components with support for petroleum fractions and mixture toxicity
  • Advanced facility siting modules for overpressure, toxicity, and thermal radiation


PHAGlobal® is a tool for guiding the PHA team and recording the discussions for assuring compliance with various PHA/DHA standards and RAGAGEP. Perform PHAs, DHAs, LOPAs, HAZOPs, FMEAs, What-Ifs, and Checklist with an intuitive interface. Includes built-in templates and action tracking to assure comprehensiveness and follow-up to recommendations developed.

Key functionality:

  • Uses standard Excel and requires no additional software 
  • Unlike other software, this offers one-click, concise reporting
  • Includes specialized checklists and dust hazard assessment calculator for simplifying DHAs


ioAnalytics is an advanced data mining tool for safety professionals tasked with project mitigation. ioAnalytics quickly identifies impacted systems and highlights KPIs and Risk Prioritization. Integrated with SuperChems, ioAnalytics offers immediate and accurate categorization of criteria, allowing prioritization of project mitigation while saving you time and money.


ioAuditor™ is an easy to use tool for performing audits based on OSHA, PSM/RMP, CCPS RBPC, corporate, and ISO-based protocols. The software records the results of any type of process safety or risk management plan compliance audit.

Key functionality:

  • Track regulatory, location attention, compliance, or RAGAGEP findings and analyze them with ease
  • Create a history and log of audits for continuous improvement
  • Easily integrate your team’s work to prepare comprehensive summaries
  • One-click summaries that can be shared easily
  • Identify compliance gaps and track action items upon completion of audits


ioViper™ is an application for evaluating vibration induced fatigue in process and relief pipework. The software is designed to automate the established methods and mitigation measures, considered for both new and existing process systems. ioViper™ directly integrates SuperChems™ where mechanical data and simulation fluid properties are readily available.


ioLogic™ is a unique software that makes it easy to create and edit fault trees for any purpose. The program offers a WYSIWYG “what you see is what you get” graphical user interface that instantly generates compact, pleasing new layouts whenever a user edits the tree.


If you have tried to create a piping isometric by using other software, then you know how difficult it can be to draw a skew for a pipe, to insert a component into a piping layout or to align a piping layout after changing a component. By using ioVu™, these tasks and many others, can be executed by simply clicking a menu item and ioVu™ will take care of the rest.

ioVu™ also provides an interface to input data for piping components. The software has a flexible unit system which allows users to input data with any unit they choose. ioVu™ can also check data integrity automatically. In addition, the program can automatically generate piping diagrams from SuperChems™ data without any user interaction.


Assess the vulnerability and security of chemical facilities.


ioViewer allows SuperChems™ users to generate and view reports from any version of SuperChems™, including SuperChems™ for DIERS and DIERS Lite, PHAGlobal® and ioAuditor™. PSO users can download the complimentary reporting utilty here. 


Customize Process Safety Office® with your own user-defined components.

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