Helping Our Clients Reduce Risk and Improve Safety

Despite recent events, our team continues to deliver end-to-end risk reduction solutions, efficiency improvement, and compliance maintenance worldwide. ioMosaic keeps projects moving forward via virtual meetings from the kick off to the wrap up, delivering results, conclusions and study recommendations.

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ioMosaic Services

  • Process Safety Enterprise®

    A proven enterprise-wide knowledge management and workflow system to leverage process safety information for compliance and business advantage, enabling organizations to combine structured and unstructured data in one central location.

Featured Case Studies

Benchmarking Current Industry Practices for Handling Highly Toxic Chemicals

An international oil company was preparing to startup a state of the art acid gas injection facility and needed to benchmark against current industry practices for handling large quantities of toxic gas at high pressure.

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Meet Our Team

Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE

President & CEO The founder of ioMosaic and internationally renowned expert in the areas of pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reaction systems, process safety and risk analysis. Read more...

Daniel Nguyen, PE & PMP

Senior Vice President and Partner Responsible for a team of software engineers in the development of ioMosaic’s PSO software and manages pressure relief and flare systems evaluation and design projects. Read more...

Viren Patel

Vice President Leads large scale IT initiatives including enterprise architecture and governance, risk management, security and compliance, disaster planning and more. Read more...

Neil Prophet

Senior Vice President and Partner Pressure relief and flare systems design project management and engineering expertise for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies. Read more...

Larry Thomas

Executive Vice President Responsible for leading the sales and business development efforts to ensure alignment between sales, product quality, and successful client delivery and relations. Read more...

Sam Al-Awar

Vice President The head of our international office in the Kingdom of Bahrain with 30 years of experience excelling in client satisfaction and overall operations. Read more...

John Barker, Ph.D.

Director The Director of our U.K. office and an expert in risk management for the international oil and gas and transportation industries. Read more...

Marcel Amorós-Martí

Director, California Office Lead His expertise includes pressure relief and flare systems design for large chemical and petrochemical companies around the globe and in the United States. Read more...