Mark R. Briggs, CSP

Guest Speaker for the 13th Annual Global Software Users Group Meeting

Mark Briggs OSHA
Mr. Briggs graduated in the spring of 1991 from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and then came to work for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as a full time employee in the Fort Worth, Texas Area Office. He had been an intern with that office since 1989.

In 1992, Mr. Briggs was requested to be part of a large scale incident investigation into the Arcadian Chemical plant explosion. This is where he learned about process safety and over the next several years he became one of OSHA’s leading investigators in the realm of Process Safety Management (PSM), investigating numerous accidents in and out of Texas as part of OSHA’s Houston based PSM team. In 2001, Mr. Briggs moved into the realm of Compliance Assistance where he worked with companies through education and the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) to enhance their safety and health programs.  It was during this time (2006) that he received his Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation. In December of 2007, Mr. Briggs was promoted to Area Director where he manages three teams of compliance officers including the PSM team.

Mark has been proudly married to his wife, Dawn, for 28 years (since 1990) and has two wonderful children, the oldest, Bryan, is a Baylor University graduate and his youngest, Laura, is a Missionary in Mexico.  Mark is a 2nd degree black belt soon to be testing for his 3rd degree and will be testing for his 1st degree black belt in Modern Arnis in 2019.

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