Marcel Amorós-Martí

Director, California Office Lead

Mr. Amoros-Marti leads our California office with a diverse range of experience, from chemical and petrochemical to oil & gas and utilities. He is skilled in both the technical aspects and project management of process safety and loss prevention.

Mr. Amoros-Marti expertise includes pressure relief and flare systems design for large chemical and petrochemical companies around the globe and in the United States. He specializes in evaluating the risk of chemical, petroleum, and pharmaceutical process facilities, including: identifying hazardous scenarios, estimating the frequency, modeling the consequences, and leading the decision-making process for implementing suitable and cost-effective safeguards. Mr. Amoros-Marti is fluent in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

In addition, he has authored many industry white papers, and provided training related to process safety management and pressure relief and flare systems design.


Ramon Llull University
M.S. Chemical Engineering
Ramon Llull University
B.S. Chemical Engineering